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Xpress Track Timing and Redemption System

  • Xpress Track Timing and Redemption System

    Advertising, redemption, and promotions are all part of generating revenue. The XPRESSTRACK System provides these and more to generate even more revenue from outside sales on an active matrix display. What would you pay to advertise your business on the radio or TV? Sell time on your display to local businesses and have the system pay for itself in no time! One park owner contracted with a local soft drink supplier to sponsor the entire go kart track, which included a second backlit sign provided by the vendor and $20,000. According to the operator, “That one deal pretty much paid for my system!” Another owner did the same thing with a local car dealer. What a concept! Someone else pays for your new attraction. The increased revenue from a redemption tie-in (or whatever else your marketing team can imagine) goes straight to your bottom line.

    One of the most important aspects of a system of this kind is its ease of use and maintenance-free operation. The XPRESSTRACK System utilizes top-of-the-line components to ensure long, maintenance-free life. Our timing system transponders and decoders are the same units used in world-class racing venues from Formula to NASCAR and everything in between. The transponders are also virtually maintenance free and feature a new “no-recharge” battery good for a minimum of half a million laps!

    Printed ticket stubs are another one of the key elements to the XPRESSTRACK System. These tickets can easily be changed to add an in-house promotional program or to advertise a local business with a coupon of some sort. The possibilities are endless!

    Each ticket also acts to promote your own go kart track as the drivers lap times are printed right on the ticket for bragging rights! Ticket redemption is a huge business. Ask anyone in the redemption business and they will tell you “redemption is king of the money makers”.

    One Company to deal with…

    Fun Parts Xpress and J&J Amusements have spent a lot of time gathering information and comparing products for the XPRESSTRACK System. After much testing we’ve come up with a great combination of products, backed by J&J’s 20+ years of experience to bring you one complete package that will take care of kart timing, advertising, redemption and more. Ticket printers, timing signs, timing and scoring transponders and decoders, and software to control it all. All of these components brought to you and backed by one company.

    “The XPRESSTRACK System by Fun Parts Xpress has been one of the best investments we made at our park. Our track had just become another attraction. The timing system itself allowed us to attract customers on off days due to our promoted “Race Days” events. These events were promoted by using the timing system to gather the posted lap times during a two hour period and an in-house or cash reward is awarded to fastest driver.

    Its unbelievable how many people participate. We decided to add some advertising space around our timing sign as that’s where everyone looks and it was a big hit with the local advertisers. We increased our revenue so much that we decided to go all out and put in an “Active Matrix” sign. The system works, plain and simple. Its paid for itself many times over and continues to generate money for the park.”

    What’s included in the Xpress Track System?

    Your choice of LED display, hardware for the Go karts, hardware for the track, software to control the system, optional Active matrix display and optional redemption ticket printer