Go Kart Accessories


  • Kartrol

    If you are still operating and repairing your outdated EX56/52 or EX52 Servo (introduced in 1994) or Kart Kommander system, it’s time to upgrade to Kartrol EXE.

    Kartrol EXE, introduced in 2005, is our 4th generation, solid-state, electronic engine speed limiter used on go karts to reduce engine RPM by remote control. EXE is more accurate, has cleaner spark interruption, is programmable and has 4 settable speeds (“Go”, “Medium”, “Slow” and “Stop”). This gives the track operator more control over track operation by enabling them to reduce the speed of an individual kart, group of karts or all karts at will, and slow down reckless drivers or even stop all karts in case of an accident.

    The most popular add-on is pit control: a special sensor is mounted on the go-kart along with a pit transmitter loop placed in the track surface somewhere before the pit entrance. When activated by remote or by light signal, any karts passing over this zone will automatically be reduced down to your predetermined pit speed, allowing karts to enter into the pit area at a more controlled, slower speed, which greatly improves safety in the pit area.

    The main transmitter can operate on 4 AA batteries and/or 110v power. Go kart receivers are powered by the kart’s engine, so they can operate without batteries or charging prior to use.