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Tube Inflator-Deflator

  • tube inflator from jj

    The high-volume Magic Air inflators/deflators take the work out of inflating and deflating.

    It works great on all types and sizes of boats, rafts, float tubes, pools, pool toys, air mattresses, etc.
    The baked enamel finish is attractive & long-lasting.
    18,000 feet-per-minute makes quick work of large inflatables.
    Ideal for boaters, fishermen, campers, vacationers, schools and institutions.
    Designed for extra-large and/or commercial applications.
    The Magic Air features a rugged, all-steel construction, weather-resistant powder-coat finish, 6 ft. flexible hose, and 4.0 HP power unit with tapered 7/8″ OD & 3/16″ OD fit large & small nozzles.
    It is compact, portable and easy to use and store.
    Will not inflate high pressure items like tires.

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