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Master Charger

  • Master Charger

    Master Charger – 24volt, 30amp, DC output battery charger
    120/220 VAC switchable power input.
    Fully automatic and microprocessor-controlled, senses state of charge and protects against over-charge.

    Master Charger

    This master charger has numerous built-in safety features including one that prevents the unit from turning on unless voltage is present at the charge lead (min 2volt) and the lead polarity is correct. The charger is fully automatic and utilizes “average” and “float” functions to sense the state of charge of the battery to guard against over-charge, while also boasting a “protect” setting. The transformer uses a temperature fuse to protect the unit against overheating, and the DC output also has a fuse.

    Type of battery for use: 24V180A—24V240A
    Charger Input Voltage: Charger AC amp draw | AC120V/-1ψ-50/60Hz | 6 amps AC
    Output voltage: DC24V
    Output current: DC30A
    Insulated Endurance: AC1500V/1AMIN
    Insulated Resistance: UP TO DC500V/10MΩ
    Dimension: 36.5*21.8*26.5 cm (14.3 x 8.5 x 10.4 in)
    Weight: 22Kg (48.5lbs)